About Us


Terola Asset Management team members have over 40 years experience in domestic and international high value asset transfer.  Under the leadership of John Knox, Terola Asset Management expanded its business profile the past 25 years to provide a more comprehensive range of services to the community.  With roots in management and real estate services for luxury home communities in the Chicago metropolitan area, Terola Asset Management's portfolio has grown and diversified extensively since its inception in 1991.  Having clientele in some of the largest banks, commercial development companies, and international auction houses, Terola Asset Management carved its unique niche in the asset management field which we hold today.  In today's ever changing world, we recognize the necessity of providing global buyers and sellers with the expertise and resources needed  to confidently and securely exchange and protect high value assets.  Terola Asset Management professionals have built a reputation for great customer care, impartiality, and efficient service. Our reputation and referrals are the main reason for our company's success.

Working For You

Terola Asset Management works diligently to provide you a seamless experience so that your asset transfer is achieved quickly and efficiently.  Our dedicated staff can meet even the most challenging deadlines, saving you time and effort.  Contact us for expert guidance on your current or future transaction.

Every Deal Is Our Priority

No matter how complex your escrow arrangement needs to be, we will customize a solution suitable for all shareholders.  Whether it is a complex cash agreement with specific verification processes, holdbacks, or timed disbursements, we can accommodate your specialized requirements and challenging deadlines, saving you time and effort. 

Our Team

John Knox

Marc Miller

Linda Garcia